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About Kelly

Hi & welcome to The Scone Blog! My name is Kelly and I'm the content creator of The Scone Blog and Eat Picks

I'm located in the Northern VA | DC area where I live with my husband. I am a foodie through and through, sports fanatic, kitchen gadget geek, lover of museums, coffee, & wine.  

You can contact me at


Ever since I was younger, I've loved to create baked goods for family and friends. I find the whole process of working with dough, ingredients, and tools very relaxing. Being able to create an end result for all to enjoy is what I strive for. 

There is one baked good, in particular, I LOVE to make for family and friends kept requesting, and that is scones! Discovering new flavor combinations, glazes, and shapes just make me happy. 

This is why I created this space so we can share our passion for baking and eating scones and other baked treats. 


Blueberry Lemon Scone on parchment paper


I also like to cook, travel and spend time with my family. You can find more great recipes, travel adventures, and tips for saving time so you can do things you want to do over on our other blog Eat Picks!


We traveled to this is a lovely street in Miami Beach, full of delicious restaurants! – photo by Kelly Pugliano,


Just like Eat Picks, when it comes to the recipes, tips, and products you see on this blog, I only share what I truly like or love, whether it’s a recipe, a product or brand I use. Trust me, I have pretty high standards when it comes to ingredients or products I use, so if I'm loving it, I know you will too. 


Feel free to email me at I’m always available to help you with questions you may have. You can even leave a comment if it’s a question about a specific post or recipe.

We will have a newsletter soon, so stay tuned! 

In the meantime, you can find us on Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram.