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The Best Baking Equipment to Make Perfect Scones

There are many different types of tools for cooking and baking and it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing what you really need. Over the years, I have narrowed down the best baking equipment to make perfect scones every single time. From baking sheets & parchment paper to biscuit cutters and pastry blender, this comprehensive list of tools paired with our Master Scone Recipe will help you make the soft and fluffy scones you are craving.

Best Baking Tools for scones

Baking Pans

Baking pans go by many different names and no two pans are equal. When shopping for a baking pan, you may see them listed as a sheet pan, half sheet pan, cookie sheet, or baking tray. The best scone pan is an aluminum sheet pan. Aluminum pans are light in color and can be shiny. These are best because they conduct heat very well and create even baking for scone recipes.

Dark or non-stick surface pan varieties are not suited for baking scones or cookies as they tend to burn the bottoms of the baked good, so I would not recommend them for our recipes.

These are our top 3 scone pan recommendations:

  1. Nordicware full or half sheet pan- light and easy to use this is our favorite pan for good results.
  2. USA baking pan – Aluminized steel is coated in silicone allowing for quick release of any baked good. They come in a variety of sizes and are a close 2nd pick.
  3. Wilton Baking tray– Aluminum baking tray can be found in almost any store, including Michael's craft and Walmart.


The easiest way to mix your scone dough is in a large bowl made of glass. I have used metal mixing bowls in the past, but a glass bowl seems to keep butter at the perfect temperature when mixing into your dry ingredients. Either Pyrex or Anchor brand will work nicely as a large mixing bowl.

Must-Have Baking Tools for The Best Scones

Now we are getting down to what is used to make the best scones. Some of these tools you may have never heard of before, but trust me, you will want to have them in your kitchen for the best results. Item numbers with links are found below!

Pastry Blender or Pastry Cutter– this is the tool to make fluffy scones. When a recipe calls for pieces of butter to be cut into dry ingredients, this is what you want to use. The arched blades on the bottom help to literally cut pieces of cold butter into smaller pieces while dispersing in a flour mixture, eventually creating a bread crumb texture. You can also use two butter knives in a scissor fashion, but a pastry blender is so much easier.

Paring Knife– A small sharp knife is perfect for cutting your cold butter into small cubes.

Bowl Scraper or Bench Scraper- I love the bowl scraper- this tool is great for doing exactly what the name says- scrape the sides of your bowl. After stirring the wet ingredients into the dry with a rubber spatula, I use this to put scone dough on my floured work surface and to cut scones into their traditional wedge shape. A bench scraper is a very similar gadget, with a handle on top and a stiff stainless steel “blade.” Some even have measuring marks on the edge.

Bench Scraper is on top and bowl scraper is on bottom

Pastry Brush– this is helpful for brushing your milk mixture on the tops of the scones.

Measuring Cup & Measuring Spoons– These are probably found in your kitchen already, but they are essential tools to have for any recipe, including scones recipe.

Cooling Rack– Once scones are removed from the oven, they need to be cooled and a wire rack is the best to use because it allows air to flow completely around your baked scone to bring it to room temperature quickly.

Biscuit Cutters or Cookie Cutters– Most large scones are cut into wedges, but you can also use biscuit cutters to make round or square shape scones, or cookie cutters to make special shapes like our heart strawberry prosecco scones. When making shapes, I use a rolling pin to gently shape the dough in a larger circle rather than the patted disc used to make triangle wedge cuts.

Parchment Paper-Last, but certainly not least is parchment paper. I like using parchment exclusively whenever a recipe calls for a prepared baking sheet. It helps to create a non-stick surface and it is the easiest way to clean up!

Here are links to buy your must-have baking tools to make perfect scones. These are the exact tools I use in my kitchen. I earn a small commission for each purchase at no extra cost to you.

  1. Pastry Cutter/Blender
  2. Rubber Spatula
  3. Bowl Scraper
  4. Pastry Brush
  5. Paring Knife
  6. Small Whisk

Tools Not Good for Scones

There are two major kitchen items that should never be used for making homemade scones and they are the food processor and hand or stand mixer. Both of these items are great for other baked goods like cookies or cakes, but when it comes to the basic scone recipe, the less you work the dough, the better. Overmixing will create hard, tough scones without air pockets causing them to not rise in the oven.

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